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ClanVision a posted Jul 10, 13
Clanvision will come and Review your clan, mark you as one of the greats or not so great. You shall receive Rewards, Awards and much more. Do you have what it takes to be a successful clan? 

Check us out at our MAIN website
narbelt   registered to clan-vision
clan-vision has reached a new hit record of 17 unique hits today!
clan-vision has reached a new hit record of 12 unique hits today!
WL Black Star   registered to clan-vision
ClanVisionClan Vision is announcing the winner of this years CLOTY which was held by CV & ClanNation. Check out our site ([link]) for the winners and runner's up for more details
Clanvision - The Clan Reviewing Site
A total of 18 of the best clans in the world have been chosen to take part in the Clan of the Year (CLOTY) 2013 held by ClanNation and ClanVision for the very first time. The below...
ClanVision   Rules & Settings for this tournament will be updated tomorrow.
ClanVisionFOG review is UP!

Informative news reel | Teamspeak | Live stream data | Training provided | Active forums | Recruit friendly | Awards | Ranks Low level Graphics | No events page | Plain roster The ...
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ClanVisionTeam Shake review is up

Team Shake
Ranks | Awards | Store | Active members | Gaming news page | Professional graphics Gaming activity could be better | Some pages are messy Team Shake - Click on the above banner to ...
ClanVisionClanVision in collaboration with ClanNation are holding a Clan of the Year contest.

Clan of the Year 2013
ClanVision in collaboration with ClanNation for the very first time, is happy to announce Clan of the Year (2013). A total of 18 of the best clans in the world have been chosen to ...
ClanVisionBilz Gaming here is your Standard review

Bilz Squad Gaming
Graphics | Ranks | COC/About Us | Competitive GB | Clean & Sleek website | Clan Store No members page | No awards | Low member engagement Bilz Squad Gaming - Back...
ClanVisionElite review for the Dark Brotherhood has gone live

Dark Brotherhood
Ranks | Awards | Amazing | Graphics | Custom Domain | Sponsored Clan | Competitive Inactive forums | No roster Dark Brotherhood - Background Information http://www.darkbrotherho0d....
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